Design novelties: autumn 2020

design novelties autumn 2020

We have selected 7 design novelties for this autumn 2020. From furniture to wall decorations and watches, let’s move toward sustainability and find joy along the way.

#1 – Piabolo Stool, by Fermob

Fermob Diabolo Stool; design novelties autumn 2020

It is our favorite design novelties 2020 from Maison & Objet fair in Paris. Fermob, a French furniture manufacturer, spent 4 years of R&D to design this versatile stool made in aluminium. It was a technical challenge to create the shape of this stool which looks like a diabolo, hence its name “Piabolo”. It has a diameter of 32 cm for the seat, and can be used as side table. Surprize! It has also a lid and an empty space, so you can also use it to serve also as a storage box. This is indeed a versatile objet with a look that inspires sympathy, ideal in small apartment.

Designer: Tristan Lohner

Price : please check the website of the manufacturer.

#2 – Wall Decoration, by Studio Roof

Studio roof Wall Decoration
Paradise Bird from Flores

Another highlight from Maison & Objet is this Wall Decorations by Studio Roof. Studio Roof is a Dutch company that create colourful decorations made from recycled cardboards and printed with vegetable inks. They provide a vast variety of models, such as masks, animals, cities and many more. Therefore, children and adults can find a playful decoration for their rooms, like an entrance or a child bedroom. Last, it is cheap! Most of models are available in the 13 euros – 30 euros range (230.000 Rp – 530.000 Rp).

#3 – Vondom Marquis Table Lamp – design noveltie is now available

design novelties 2020; Vondom Marquis lamp
Vondom Marquis Table Lamp

Marquis designed by JM Ferrero is a table lamp inspired by diamond cutting. Its polygonal design recalls facets creating through cutting. The clear and stylish shapes make indeed a huge visual impact. Its soft texture achieved through polyethylene fibers allows for outdoor use, as well as being resistant to UV rays.‎

You can adjust light intensity, and its battery can last up to 12 hours. In essence, Marquis is the perfect lamp to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

You can buy Marquis Table Lamp at Novo Design. Price is 5.160.000 Rp.

design novelties 2020; vondom Marquis Lamp
Vondom Marquis Table Lamp

#4 – Loom Chair, By Studio Swine

Studio Swine Loom Chair; design novelties autumn 2020

London-based practice Studio Swine designed outdoors benches and temporary seating for events in Saint James market, in London. The research resulted in the colourful ‘St James’s Market’ chairs and stools, inspired by the looms used to weave silk for shirts. In addition, Loom Chair is suitable for outdoor use.

Released in 2016, Studio Swine can now make this chair on request, so we included the Loom Chair in our Design Novelties for autumn 2020.

#5 – Swatch Bio-reloaded 1983: a new collection for autumn 2020

The new Bio-reloaded 1983 collection from Swatch is both futuristic and retro. It is a contemporary interpretation of the first collections launched in 1983 by Swatch, but made from extremely modern materials. All plastics have been replaced by bio-sourced ingredients, in this case castor oil.

This marks the first time a watchmaker has succeeded in replacing all conventional materials by bio-sourced materials in a series production environment. Let’s hope that others manufacturers will follow Swatch in manufacturing sustainable products.

Prices for Indonesia are not yet available, but would probably start from 1.150.000 Rp.

#6 – Design novelties from Normann Copenhagen – a coffee table with adjustable Height

Design Novelties; Normann Copenhagen Turn Table
Normann Copenhagen Turn Table

The Turn table is a small yet functional table in wood and steel. In fact, the name Turn refers to the rotational movement used to adjust the height of its round tabletop. By turning the tabletop, you gently raising it up from its bell-shaped steel base. With a minimum height of 41 cm and a maximum height of 66 cm, this small table can obviously suit its existing surroundings.

Normann Copenhagen will be soon available at Novo Design. Contact us for more information.

#7 – Beautiful design novelties from La Touche Originale

La Touche Originale is a French studio which showcases new and talented designers, painters and illustrators through an eco-friendly and exclusive wallpaper collection. Each artistic decor has been created in order to bring a unique style and a real identity to your home design.

La Touche Originale Wild Cactus Wallpaper
Wild Cactus Wallpaper by La Touche Originale

The Wild Cactus is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. It is available in 2 versions: pack of 3 stripes (covered surface 3 meters x 2,6 meters) and pack of 4 stripes (covered surface 4 meters x 2,6 meters).

This graphic wallpaper adds colors and personality to a living room.

Don’t hesitate to tell us which is your favorite new product.

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